In Solaries 10 how to mount multiple volume on same mounted point

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Operating Systems Solaris In Solaries 10 how to mount multiple volume on same mounted point
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Old 01-30-2014
In Solaries 10 how to mount multiple volume on same mounted point

Hi ,
I am completely stuck and not getting any clue to come out this . So looking for help

Q : I have salaries 10 in server with that Dell Equallogic storage connected.
in dell Equlalogic in i have 70 TB storage .
I created 7 volumes 10 TB each .
In Solaries 10 i have syslog server i created one directory (Syslog) and mounted 1TB volume on it .
Now problem start here ................................
I want to mount rest 6 volume on same syslog directory where already one volume mounted . but getting error .

My purpose mount all 7 vol (70 TB) on same Syslog folder .
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Old 01-30-2014
Just create a ZFS pool using all these volumes, create a file system inside it and set its mountpoint to the syslog directory. The latter must be done when no file is in use in the existing syslog.
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