ZFS - CKSUM errors only

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Operating Systems Solaris ZFS - CKSUM errors only
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Old 09-05-2011
ZFS - CKSUM errors only

I have 2 ZFS filesystems (Sun M3000 server connected to Clariion external storage vie 2 X HBA's) - ZFS filesytems (1 X mirror - 100GB X2) and the 2nd ZFS is 2 concatenated disks - 100GB + 50GB.

Both ZPOOLS are reporting CKSUM errors only - no READ or WRITE errors. I have cleared the errors a few times, but they re-appear soon after.

The /var/adm/messages has the following errors....

Sep  5 21:21:15 saturn  /scsi_vhci/ssd@g600601609ab12200d2e5fa4fcc96de11 (ssd19)
: Command Timeout on path /pci@0,600000/pci@0/pci@8/SUNW,qlc@0/fp@0,0 (fp2)
Sep  5 21:21:15 saturn scsi: [ID 243001 kern.warning] WARNING: /scsi_vhci (scsi_
Sep  5 21:21:15 saturn  /scsi_vhci/ssd@g600601609ab12200d2e5fa4fcc96de11 (ssd19)
: Command Timeout on path /pci@0,600000/pci@0/pci@8/SUNW,qlc@0/fp@0,0 (fp2)
Sep  5 21:21:22 saturn scsi: [ID 243001 kern.warning] WARNING: /scsi_vhci (scsi_
Sep  5 21:21:22 saturn  /scsi_vhci/ssd@g600601609ab1220018ec52b9cd96de11 (ssd21)
: Command Timeout on path /pci@0,600000/pci@0/pci@8/SUNW,qlc@0/fp@0,0 (fp2)

Any suggestions would be of great help!

Sam - Durban, South Africa

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Old 09-05-2011
I would first check if the FC cable is mounted properly into the sockets. Do you have multipathed connection to the storage?
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Old 09-05-2011
Yes - MPXIO. FC cable is seated properly in HBA ports on server. Should I check the ports on thr fibre switches? Are these errors (CKSUM errors) indicative of loose cabling?

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Old 09-05-2011
Yes, you should check FC switch connection as well. You can also check if the array is not having some problems...
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Old 09-05-2011
Thanks - will check - at home now. Your assistance is appreciated. Will update in a few hours.

tx Sam
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Old 09-06-2011
All cables are fine and seated correcly on server and switch ports. I have rebooted the server and still get CKSUM errors on the ZFS filesystem!
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