Parallel Find command

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Operating Systems Solaris Parallel Find command
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Old 09-02-2011
Parallel Find command

Hi All,

I ran parallel 80 Commands as below,


 23677 root     1040K  856K sleep   58    0   0:04.04 0.7% find/1
 23700 root     1040K  856K sleep   58    0   0:03.59 0.6% find/1
 15408 root     1032K  776K sleep   48    0   0:07.05 0.6% find/1
 15405 root     1032K  792K sleep   59    0   0:04.54 0.6% find/1
 15421 root     1032K  792K sleep   58    0   0:05.57 0.6% find/1
 15406 root     1032K  792K sleep   58    0   0:06.26 0.6% find/1
 15437 root     1032K  792K sleep   58    0   0:06.04 0.6% find/1
 23647 root     1040K  856K sleep   58    0   0:02.53 0.5% find/1
 23701 root     1040K  856K sleep   58    0   0:03.06 0.5% find/1
 23668 root     1040K  856K sleep   58    0   0:02.56 0.5% find/1
 23689 root     1048K  864K sleep   58    0   0:02.24 0.5% find/1
 15413 root     1032K  776K run     39    0   0:05.19 0.5% find/1
 15431 root     1032K  776K sleep   58    0   0:06.38 0.5% find/1
 20819 b36376   1712K 1424K cpu0    39    0   0:00.00 0.5% prstat/1
 15420 root     1032K  792K sleep   58    0   0:04.32 0.4% find/1
 23684 root     1040K  856K sleep   58    0   0:03.51 0.4% find/1
 23702 root     1040K  856K sleep   58    0   0:02.41 0.4% find/1
 23656 root     1040K  856K sleep   59    0   0:03.39 0.4% find/1
Total: 153 processes, 448 lwps, load averages: 3.76, 2.41, 1.91

But i can see many of them are in sleep state. Is it possible to run all the commands like changing the priority.As its taking much time in the output.



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Old 09-02-2011
I ran parallel 80 Commands as below,

How do you start these commands? (There are several meaning of words "to run parallel").
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Old 09-02-2011
How many processors do you have? How many cores each? Is Hyper-Threading or anything similar active? Because, basically, the output from top and others is a moments snapshot, and it's only possible to have at most 1 process running per processor core at any time, with the others sleeping until it's their turn.
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Old 09-02-2011
I started all the commands from a shell script using while loop & send all the commands to backgroud.


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Old 09-04-2011
Are the processes starved from disk I/O? I.e. is your disk seeking all the time?

If you want more control over your processes in parallel consider using GNU Parallel to start similar processes in parallel.

Watch the intro video to learn more: Part 1: GNU Parallel script processing and execution - YouTube
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