Parallel Execution of Command

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Old 01-16-2014
Parallel Execution of Command

Hi All,

We have a table that has to store around 80-100 million records. The table is partitioned by a column called Market Code. There are 30 partitions each corresponding to one MRKT_CD.

The source of this table is a join between 3-4 other tables. We are loading this table through SQLPLUS in UNIX script.The script basically iterates through a list of 30 market codes and loads data partition by partition.

My question is, is there a way to trigger these inserts in parallel since they are all going to write into different partitions? Currently each insert is sequential.

I'm not too sure how UNIX specific my question is so I'm going to post this question on the Database forum too.

Greatly appreciate any help. Thanks
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Old 01-16-2014
If your current command is
sqlplus ...

try this
# loop
sqlplus ... &
cnt=$(( ($cnt+1)%$sleepafter ))
[ $cnt -eq 0 ] && sleep 1

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Old 01-16-2014
Looks more a SQLplus question, and answer would certainly be yes... It is more a question of writing for each partition the required code separtely and executing them separately...
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