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Operating Systems Solaris Help with tape drive
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Old 07-15-2011
Help with tape drive

Hey folks,

Linux admin here, forced to use Opensolaris to try to use ufsdump/ufsrestore to get some data of some old tapes.

I've got Opensolaris 2009.06 on x86 and a Sony SDX-700V.

As a "control" experiment, I booted the system with a Linux live CD and the tape drive worked perfectly.

What I've tried:

- ran devfsadm, got no output no errors
- ran mt status, got "/dev/rmt/0n: No such file or directory"
- actually there is nothing at all in /dev/rmt
- ran cfgadm -al, it shows a bunch of usb devices
- checked the SCSI ID of the drive, it was set to 6
- switched the SCSI ID to 1, tried all of the above - same result

Does anyone have any suggestions for a poor linux admin just trying to get by?

Many thanks,

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Old 07-15-2011
Your scsi card seems to be unsupported.
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Old 07-15-2011
a-HA. I think you're right. Just checked the HCL and I do not see our SCSI card listed.

Guess I'll go sift through the rubbage heap to see if I can find one that is.

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