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CDROM will not eject - says device busy

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Operating Systems Solaris CDROM will not eject - says device busy
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Old 10-19-2009
And even in non mission critical ones. Abruptly killing a process without even trying to understand what this process is and why it uses some directory is ... overkill.

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halmount(1)							   User Commands						       halmount(1)

halmount - mount and umount filesystems via hal SYNOPSIS
halmount [OPTIONS]... <device|label> [mountpoint] halmount -u [OPTIONS]... <device|label|mountpoint> halmount -e [OPTIONS]... <device|label|mountpoint> DESCRIPTION
halmount can mount and umount filesystems via hal. Hotpluggable devices and media such as USB sticks and CD-ROMs are typically not entered into /etc/fstab and are therefore not mountable by normal users via the mount(8) command. Instead hal provides methods to mount and umount such devices. Additionally it's also possible to eject devices. For devices like USB sticks eject means the device cannot be mounted again until the stick is re-plugged, ie a "save remove" feature. OPTIONS
-t TYPE specify the file system type to use -o OPTIONS specify mount options -v verbose listing of devices -u umount specified device -e umount and eject specified device -a perform requested mount/umount/eject operation all available devices --listudi list UDIs of devices, useful for debugging EXAMPLES
halmount list all mountable devices known to hal halmount /dev/hdc mount device hdc on default mount point (/media/volumelabel) halmount /dev/hdc cdrom mount device hdc on /media/cdrom halmount -u "Holiday Pictures" umount device that has the label "Holiday Pictures" SEE ALSO
mount(8), umount(8), eject(1), fstab(5) SUSE Linux November 2006 halmount(1)

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