inittab entry does not works

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Operating Systems Solaris inittab entry does not works
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Old 10-11-2009
inittab entry does not works


I have a solaris 10 server,which has a process running that communicates with other system.I have made following entry in the inittab file.

PM15      :     Unique process ID
s12345   :    run levels
respawn : if anytime the process dies , respawn it
/ncm/bin/communicator : the process that needs to be restarted.

the above entry does not works.

i did the following things after making the entry

1) reboot the system
2)init q
3)init Q

i thought of testing the entry with a simple command and made the following entry in the inittab file

PM15:s12345:respawn:echo "My initab entry is working"

this also had no effect

there may be two reasons for the above problem

1) I am making a syntactical error in the entry

2) I am not understanding the concept and purpose of this facility

any help will be much appreciated.

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Old 10-11-2009
The following says hat a Solaris 10 inittab file should no longer be editted directly:
The /etc/inittab File
I suggest that your test line should write to a log file somewhere, e.g.:
echo "My initab entry is working" >> /var/tmp/test.log

I would write a new SMF service instead of putting an entry in inittab, take a look at:
BigAdmin Feature Article: Using Service Management Facility (SMF) in the Solaris 10 OS: A Quick Example
to see how.
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Old 10-11-2009
Although somewhat deprecated as TonyFullerMalv stated, inittab entries are still supported with Solaris 10. Your entry should just work. Perhaps your communicator program is simply failing to execute. Have a look at the system console for error messages like:
Command is respawning too rapidly. Check for possible Errors

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