I got a corrupt /etc/inittab file....what next?

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Old 09-27-2002
Power I got a corrupt /etc/inittab file....what next?

Hi guys,

For some reason a client has given us a Sun Netra T1 with Solaris 8 to administer for them. That's always good business. However, the other day we rebooted the machine and to our amazement, after doing the preliminary hardware tests, we got an error messgae saying that /etc/inittab was corrupt. It subsequently wanted to bring the machine up into single user mode which also failed. I guess because it also needs the /etc/inittab file. On top of this we don't have a cdrom or floppy drive in it, only a network card.

Has anyone got any suggestions as to how I can fix this problem.

Also, I am not new to Unix but I AM new to Sun/Solaris.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 09-27-2002
I'm not familiar with the Netra. But I found this on Sun's web site...
The Netra[TM] X1 server comes preinstalled with Solaris[TM] 8 Update 2 (10/00), including LOM (Lights out Management)software and all the patches it needs to function correctly. Because the Netra X1 server does not contain a CD-ROM drive and the Solaris installation media is not bootable on this system, if you need to reinstall the Solaris 8 operating environment, you must do so from a network install server. Additionally, the Netra X1 Drivers must be downloaded from Sun and added to the installation image.
This means that if you can't get that thing to boot, you are going to need a network install server. And really, you are going to need a Sun/Solaris guru to go with it. I guess that I might call my local Sun office and ask them to handle this.

Before that, I would be sure that I really can't get into single user mode. Can you get an "ok" prompt? What are you doing to get into single user mode? "boot -s"? If that doesn't work you may need to use the above procedure to reinstall.

I found one Sun Doc that says "boot -s" from a cdrom is way out of a corrupt /etc/default/init so it may be impossible to get to single user mode with a corrupt /etc/inittab as well.

If you do get yourself out of this fix, please post back and tell us what it took. Good luck.
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Old 09-30-2002
Hello again and thanks for the reply!

We have solved the problem I mentioned above, and indeed as you wrote we called the local Sun office who sent their guru to help us out. They also charged us an enormous amount but that's the way it works nowadays. The fix itself was rather basic but as in most cases you have to know it first.

Next to the Netra you need an installation server in the network and you also need to know the MAC-address of the network card in the Netra. This can be found in the documentation which comes with the machine.

The software for the installation-server can be downloaded from the Sun site or you can use CD-ROM's which, in our case, the Sun technician brought along.

Solaris had to be reinstalled on the Netra and to do this there is a wizard on the installation server which guides you through the whole procedure. Like I just mentioned, you need to provide the MAC-address of the Netra when it asks for it. The server boots the Netra and the installation can proceed much in the same manner as a normal installation.

As for why the inittab file was corrupt remains a mystery for us. We assume that someone had tried to install Solaris before but did not complete the installation.

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Old 10-01-2002
Those netra x1/t1 sucks big time...we fried 2-3 boards on them.
they're cheap but...
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