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Old 02-16-2008
Command taken away from ksh script


Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated. I am having problems in the latter end of this ksh script where I will be checking two files. If they exist do nothing otherwise I need to reinitialize the database which resides on o/s Aix 5.3. The problem I am facing is when the reinit command is issued from command line the user needs to manually input y and hit enter ex.(reinitex.pjg) Which takes control away from the script. Is there a solution to script a y with a <enter command> and still maintain control of the script after the reinit is finsihed?

if [[ -e $monShMemFile ]] && [[ -e $vistaFile ]]
echo "break out of script"
hcidbinit -i
# user needs to enter "y" + enter to reinit database
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Old 02-16-2008
pipe an "echo y" to your command. Like this:
# cat script
echo " are you sure? "
case $ANSWER in
     y) echo "executing";;
     n) echo "no way";;

# echo y | script

So your script would look like
echo y | hcidbinit -i

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Old 02-16-2008
Thank you system shock that worked perfectly. I was able to cancel the command and still continue with the script. I'll test out the actual reinit Monday but in principle that did exactly what I needed. Thanks again for the help.

if [[ -e $monShMemFile ]] && [[ -e $vistaFile ]]
echo "break out of script"
echo "hcidbinit test"
echo n | hcidbinit -i
echo "**Did this work?**"
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