KSH Script to Execute command from specific column in file

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Old 08-23-2011
Error KSH Script to Execute command from specific column in file

Hi Unix Experts,Team

I have a file (say comand_file.prm), The file has a command specified in column 6 (say "./execute_script.sh"). I want to execute this command in my script.
I am writing a KSH script to achieve this. Could you please assist me with this.
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Old 08-23-2011
awk '{print $6}' command_file.prm | sh

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Old 08-23-2011

Thanks Yazu,
Is there any way to pass positional parameters to the command specified in column.

e.g If I need to pass ${ip_address} and ${host_name} variables to execute_script.sh, how can I get this.
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Old 08-23-2011
Be more specific. It depends on how your script gets arguments and how your variables get values, and whether they are the same for every command or not.
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Old 08-23-2011
Hi Yazu,
To be specific, below are two requirements.

1. In some cases I want to pass the variable values along with the command mentioned in column.

Example :- ./execute_script.sh prm1 prm2

2.If the executable mentioned in column is interactive, I want to pass inputs interactively.

Example : ./jdk-6u20-linux-i586.bin ( this will begin installation and ask for instructions during execution, like accept license agreement (yes or no) :

Please advise if this can be achieved,

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Old 08-23-2011
How you will decide, whether the executable "defined" in column is interactive?

I don't think there is any specific way to find whether an exe is a interactive or not!!!
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Old 08-31-2011
Hi All,

The Problem is resolved. I made it this way
echo "$line |cut -d, -f6" $PRM1 $PRM2 |sh

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