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awk help,line number

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Old 02-14-2008
awk help,line number

I am grep-ing the word "this" in all the files in my dir.

$ awk '/this/' *
this is

I want the output as:

1)this is

How can I achieve this ? Please help.

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Old 02-14-2008
awk '{ printf "%s)%s\n", NR, $0 }' file

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Old 02-14-2008
Originally Posted by fpmurphy
awk '{ printf "%s)%s\n", NR, $0 }' file

This prints the line number, but my query was different :-)
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Old 02-14-2008
awk '/this/{i++;print i")"$0}'  *

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Old 02-14-2008
Originally Posted by Klashxx
awk '/this/{i++;print i")"$0}'  *

Thanks :-)

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