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Old 02-11-2008
Error Processing with AWK and Arrays

Done, thanks for the help - worked.

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Old 02-11-2008
Pretty rustic, but:
awk '{
     if ( dateM[$5$6$7] >= maxD )
           if ( dateM[$5$6$7] > maxD )
        else if ( dateM[$5$6$7] == maxD  &&   ! f[$5$6$7] )
           MaxDate=MaxDate" "$5"/"$6"/"$7
     if ( ipArray[$1] >= max )
   print "MaxDate: "MaxDate
   for (j=max;j>=1;--j)
       for (y in ipArray)
            if ( ipArray[y] == j )
               print y, ipArray[y] 
               if ( o == 3 )
} ' FS="( )|(\\\[)|(\/)|(:)" file

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