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help/suggestions needed with wget

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting help/suggestions needed with wget
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Old 01-29-2008
help/suggestions needed with wget


I'm thinking of using the following command to download some music from websites I visit (designated in the mp3blogs.txt file):

wget -r -l1 -H -t1 -nd -N -np -A.mp3 -erobots=off -i ~/mp3blogs.txt -P ~/Music/WGet

My only question is, is there ANY way to either download files that have been posted ONLY after a certain date (like today) or only download a certain number of files from each site in my txt file?

I know that the -N timestamp will check the files I've downloaded and only download new ones but as far as starting out, I don't want to download ALL the files some sites have available dating back to what could be years. That's why I was wondering about a solution as described above.

I know curl has a -z command that some people say might work but I'm more fond of wget.

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dillo(1)							   USER COMMANDS							  dillo(1)

dillo - web browser SYNOPSIS
dillo [OPTION]... [--] [URL|FILE]... DESCRIPTION
Dillo is a lightweight graphical web browser that aims to be secure. It handles HTTP internally, and FILE, FTP, and DATA URIs are handled through a plugin system (dpi). In addition, INSECURE HTTPS support can be enabled. Both FTP and Dillo's download manager use the wget(1) downloader. Dillo displays HTML, text, PNG, JPEG, and GIF files. It handles cookies, HTTP authentication (basic and digest), proxying (basic), and some CSS. Framesets are displayed as links to frames, and there is currently no support for javascript or video. OPTIONS
-f, --fullwindow Start in full window mode: hide address bar, navigation buttons, menu, and status bar. -g, --geometry GEO Set initial window position where GEO is WxH[{+-}X{+-}Y]. -h, --help Display this help text and exit. -l, --local Don't load images for these URL(s). -v, --version Display version info and exit. -x, --xid XID Open first Dillo window in an existing window whose window ID is XID. EXIT STATUS
0 No error. 1 Internal error. 2 Error in command line arguments. ENVIRONMENT
HOME (or HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH on Cygwin) User's home directory. http_proxy URL of proxy to send HTTP traffic through. FILES
dpid Dillo plugin daemon dpidc Control program for dpid. ~/.dillo/bm.txt User bookmarks ~/.dillo/certs/ Saved certificates for HTTPS. ~/.dillo/cookies.txt Stored cookies ~/.dillo/cookiesrc Cookie settings ~/.dillo/dillorc Configuration file. ~/.dillo/dpid_comm_keys Keys used in dpi daemon communication. ~/.dillo/dpidrc Contains name of directory containing dpis, and associates dpi files with protocols. ~/.dillo/keysrc Keybindings. ~/.dillo/style.css User style sheet SEE ALSO
wget(1) Dillo website: October 13, 2011 dillo(1)

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