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Old 12-11-2001
Question Suggestions on where to begin?

I have been a student at Hendrix Institute for about a year now. My term is comming to an end by the end of december. I have learned varios computer programs for web development that include Flash 5 and Dreamweaver. Actionscripting, Javascript and Database development with Access was all included in my studies.
It was all done on Mac platforms. I know both Mac and Pc which is a good thing I suppose. I am now looking into Unix Programming, which is a different direction from what I am used to. Where is the best place to begin my journey? Should I begin with learning C++, or do I just start with a beginner Unix book. I know what direction I want to follow, but I do not know where to begin?
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Old 12-11-2001
best place to start? at the begining. heh

check the faq.
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Old 12-27-2001
Best place to start

In my opinion, I would start with some basic C and
a Unix programming book. Learn the concepts there and that will give you enough information to make a good choice on where to go next. I personally enjoy working with AIX unix and Linux too. But any flavor of Unix is good. Good luck Newbie, just remember one thing in the beginning. It's OK to be frustrated sometimes.Smilie
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Old 12-28-2001
Hi ITDrew

Well I hope this post doesn't come to late.

MY sugestion for you would be to start with learning unix. And after that start with the programming part.

Unix is after all quite different from Windows and MacOS. So I personaly wouldn't recomend that you would start to learn to program in unix and learn unix at the same time. These kind of things take some time. Java would have been a good place to start programming since it is platform independant. But that is another story. (But worth looking into since the step from C/C++ isn't that big. Another reason is if you will be working on many different platforms (operating systems) it is quite handy not having to rewrite the program intirely to be able to use it.)

OK... I'm leaving the subject now....

Simple version of what I want to say to you:

Learn Unix first and after that learn how to program in that environment.
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Old 12-28-2001
The FAQ section has numerous posts that answer the questions
'where do I begin'..... the forum rules are to read and search before posting.

Thanks for seaching and reading FAQ first Smilie
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