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Old 01-14-2008
ksh and hex numbers

typeset -i A=16#0
typeset -u A=$a

This converted $a to hex and stored it in y.

Can someone walk me through how this was done?

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Old 01-14-2008
The prefix "NNN#" in front of a number indicates the numeric base. From the ksh man page:

Constants take the form [base#]n, where base is a decimal number
between two and thirty-six representing the arithmetic base and n is a
number in that base. If base is omitted, base 10 is used.
The typeset options are "-i" for "integer", and "-u" for "uppercase". But, since A was already typed as a hex integer, $a was converted.

The final step removes the leading base indicator. If you echo a constant that is not base 10, the base is printed.

# x=123:abc
# echo ${x#123:}        # trim from the left
# echo ${x%:ABC}        # trim from the right

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Old 01-15-2008
thanks a lot
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