Can we grep a list of all running PIDs in a file !!??

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Old 12-20-2007
Can we grep a list of all running PIDs in a file !!??


In the following part of a script, I am grepping the list of all
running PIDs in the File as in line 3 :-
$pid_count=`grep -c "^${pid_process}$" $CRI_PUSH_BIN_HOME/bin/

If I cannot grep this way, then how can I do so.

1 pid_process=`ps -ef -o pid,args | grep -v grep | grep -v $PROGNAME
| grep push | awk '{print $1}`

2 process=`ps -ef | grep -v grep | grep -v $PROGNAME | grep -c push`

3 pid_enregistre=`cat $CRI_PUSH_BIN_HOME/bin/PushProcessId`
4 no_pid_enregistre=`wc -l $CRI_PUSH_BIN_HOME/bin/PushProcessId | tr
' '`

5 found=1
6 for pid_val in "$pid_process"; do
7 $pid_count=`grep -c "^${pid_process}$" $CRI_PUSH_BIN_HOME/bin/
8 if [ $pid_count -eq 0 ]; then
9 found=0
10 pid_not_present="$pid_not_present $pid_val"
11 fi
12 done

Request you to pls lemme know .

Thanks a lot in advance.
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Old 12-20-2007
Put 'CODE' tags round that to make it easier to read
What's in $CRI_PUSH_BIN_HOME/bin/PushProcessId ? Are you intentionally grepping through this file or do you want to use the contents to form your grep expression?
Line 3 looks different, do you mean line 7?

Please clarify where you believe the problem is.
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