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Old 12-19-2007
Modify as per ur requirment

sed -e 's/pop3/#pop3/g' -e 's/named/#named/g' -e 's/smtpd/#smtpd/g' /etc/inetd

To replace the first occurace only you can do this

sed -e 's/pop3/#pop3/1' -e 's/named/#named/1' -e 's/smtpd/#smtpd/1' /etc/inetd

If you want insert '#' in the line start with smptd,named,pop3 then u can use this
sed -e 's/^pop3/#pop3/1' -e 's/^named/#named/1' -e 's/^smtpd/#smtpd/1' /etc/inetd
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uudemon(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual							uudemon(4)

uudemon.admin, uudemon.cleanu, uudemon.hour, uudemon.poll - Administrative shell scripts for polling remote systems, cleaning up spool directories, reporting status to the system administrator, and routine invocations of the uuxqt and uusched daemons SYNOPSIS
These shell scripts reside in the following directory: /usr/lib/uucp DESCRIPTION
All the scripts can be run from the command line or can be run automatically by the cron daemon. To automatically run the scripts, remove the comment character (#) from the beginning of the relevant line in the /var/spool/cron/crontabs/uucp file. This script reports status to the system administrator. It issues the uustat command to find out the status of uucp jobs. It mails the results to the uucp login ID. The script may be modified to send mail to any login ID such as the uucp administrative login ID (uucpa) or root. This script cleans up the /var/spool/uucp and /var/spool/uucppublic directories by running the uucleanup command. The uucleanup com- mand is run with the following parameters: -C7, -D7, X2, -o2, -W1. This script runs the uusched and uuxqt daemons in the background. This script polls the systems listed in the /usr/lib/uucp/Poll file. The uudemon.poll script should be scheduled before the uudemon.hour script. This allows uudemon.poll to create any command files before cron runs the uudemon.hour script. FILES
Contains the uudemon.admin, uudemon.cleanu, uudemon.hour and uudemon.poll files. Contains the uucp file. RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: cron(8), uucleanup(8), uusched(8), uuxqt(1) Files: /usr/lib/uucp delim off uudemon(4)

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