Take a file from the system and put on tape and reset the file to 0 bytes

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Old 09-06-2001
Data Take a file from the system and put on tape and reset the file to 0 bytes

Smilie I did this the other day but one of my support personnel removed my history so i could call it back up to remeber the exact command since i am air-headed at times. I am trying to take a 30 MEG file off the system and drop it to tape then i want to make the file go back to being 0 bytes so the system can start writing a new file. I am running a running HP Unix 11.0 and it is on a L-2000 class system. Please can anyone answer this scenerio the less keystrokes the happier i will be!! Thanks

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Old 09-06-2001
You should probably write a script to do this
but assuming you have just user tar (or somthing
like that) to get the file on the tape, upon
successful completion, you could simply do:

> some_file.log

...this will effectively truncate some_file.log
I suggest a shell so that you can check the
exit code for the tar command then based on
success or failure, the script could then
choose to truncate the file or perhaps send
you an email notifcation of the problem.
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