How to grep a number in a file to find them in another file

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Old 12-12-2007

I managed to write some code on this:-


cat a.txt| while read LINE
#grab the second element of a.txt one line at a time
char=`echo "${LINE}"| awk '{print $2}'`

echo $char
#grab the line number of the element found in b.txt
i=`grep -n "^$char" b.txt|tr ":" " "|awk '{ print $1}'`
echo $i

#grab the particular line number fields in b.txt to do computation
cat b.txt|awk -v h=$i '{


printf("Count position %d is %d\n",h,count[$h]);

And my a.txt is like

aaaa 2
bbbb 1
cccc 3

b.txt is like

2 2 3
3 1 2
1 2 4

However weird thing is, the output i get is the sum of the last $2 and $3 for all the entries; which is

Coutn position2 is 6 # which is 2+4
Coutn position 1 is 6 #which is 2+4
Coutn position 3 is 6 #which is 2+4

My desired output would be something like:-

Coutn position 2 is 5 #which is 2+3

Anyone could tell me what is wrong with the above data structure?
maybe I missed out some important structures for the above.


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