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Old 10-30-2013
Find the number in the file

In my system , there are text files will be generated monthly , the file name begins with xxx , then year , month ( for example xxxxx201310.txt means Oct 2013 )

I have below command to count how many abc in the month , but it only count the number in this month .

NUMBER=$(cat xxxxx201310.txt |grep -c -s "abc" )

Could advise if I would like to have the following report , it shows the no. of abc for each month , and the total no. of abc , how to make it ? very thanks

no of abc in Oct 2013 = 111
no of abc in Nov 2013 = 222
no of abc in Dec 2013 = 333
Total no of abc = 999

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Old 10-30-2013
This might give you some idea Smilie

$ cat 1.txt

$ cat 2.txt

$ cat 3.txt

$ grep -c "abc" *.txt

And for adding name


$echo "xxxxx201310.txt" | awk 'BEGIN\
{a=substr($0,length($0)-5,2);b=substr($0,length($0)-9,4);print P[a+0],b}'

OCT 2013

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Old 10-31-2013
Hi pamu ,

Thanks reply , it seems display the month only Oct 2013 , could advise how to count the no ?

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