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# 8  
I did the substitution, and it is returning the correct value.

I have break at the end becuase I only want the user to be able to select ONE of the options. Once one is selected it then ends with the value and moves on to the next step.

Does that make any more sense?
# 9  

I have the break working properly.

Now all I need is to have the $REPLY value passed to the command line.

Is the $REPLY setting a variable that can be used in the rest of the script or am I chasing my tail?
# 10  
Hm, IMHO you don't need the $REPLY,
you just need to use the proper IP when server1 or server2 is selected ...
Am I missing something?
# 11  
All I need to have happen is when the user selects #1 and presses enter, then the value of what 1 corresponds to in the background gets passed to a -switch on the final command in the script.


Main Menu:
1 - Red
2 - Green
3 - White

When the user selects option 2 - green, I need the script to pass a reference value of what the user selects to an actual value that the command can interperet.

So in this example, instead of having the user know the color code of green in html (ie. #123456) he can just select green, but the script will pass #123456 to the actual switch in the command to be executed.
# 12  
zsh 4.3.4% cat script 
select color in  Red Green White;do
        case $color in

print -l "You choose: $color, the code is $code" 
zsh 4.3.4% ./script 
1) Red    2) Green  3) White  
?# 2
You choose: Green, the code is #00FF00

# 13  
Now I see what you are thinking, and it's not what I am thiniking. Let me try to clarify:

The user does not need to know the translated value.

The translated value needs to be passed into a command line -switch.

For example, if the user selects 2 - green, then I want the #123456 value to held in memory as a variable that I can reference when the final command is issued.

Any better?
# 14  
And what makes you think you can't use the variable code as -switch without outputing it?

 ... -switch "$code"

insted of:

print -l "You choose: $color, the code is $code"

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