Help me to write the script

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Help me to write the script

Actually i am working with two diffrent files having same structure
each file contain Ten diffrent column and i want to write a script
which will compare the colummns of first file with the column of second file and diiference will be send to the first column of third file .

similarly for other columns ......
the third file is having the same structure as the previous two files..
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Please give us an example.
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Can you get me the script of comparing data in two sheets.

Say for eg

column A,,,,,, for sheet 1

column B,,,,,, for sheet 2

I want all the columns of sheet 1 should be compared with sheet 2 (both the sheet are having same columns & structure)

Wherever data is mismatching it should give me the details in any 3rd sheet .
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Please give us a full example.
Input files with many rows, and expected output file.
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To be honest, you did not give out the detail requirements. Suppose it is as follow (remember give example if possible).


a b c d e f g
b c d e f g h
c d e f g h i
2 b 4 d 5 f 7
b c d e f g h
g d e f g h i
k e f g h i j

    a     e     c
    c           4
    2           f

cat a b >c
nawk '{
if (a=="")
        if (index(a,$1)==0)
if (b=="")
        if (index(b,$2)==0)
if (c=="")
        if (index(c,$3)==0)
for (i=1;i<=10;i++)
printf("%5s %5s %5s\n",arr[i],brr[i],crr[i])
}' c
rm c

# 6  
Hi summer you picked the right one ....
the example is pretty good .......

Because of my busy schedule i am unable to posted the examples..
Thanks a lot
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