Problem In Shell Script

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Problem In Shell Script


I'm new to Shell script. Can anyone tell me where is the wrong in my code?

And, my code is --

echo "Enter Start Date(YYYY-MM-DD): "
read stdt 

echo "Enter End Date(YYYY-MM-DD): "
read endt 

echo "Enter Flight Number(Optional): "
read fln

echo "Enter Output XML File Name(Including Extension): "
read dst

#if [ $fln eq "" ] then
#if [ "$fln" = "" ] then

if [ $? -lt 3 ] then
   java DailyScheduleExport $stdt $endt> $dst
   java DailyScheduleExport $stdt $endt $fln> $dst

Waiting for your reply.Smilie

And the error is --

ods@awhq6640[/prod/ods/sqlj/ods_services]>sh DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[2]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[4]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[6]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[8]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[9]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[12]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[13]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
Enter Start Date(YYYY-MM-DD):
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[16]: ^M: This is not an identifier.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[17]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[18]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
Enter End Date(YYYY-MM-DD):
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[20]: ^M: This is not an identifier.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[21]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
Enter Flight Number(Optional):
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[23]: fln^M: This is not an identifier.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[24]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[25]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
Enter Output XML File Name(Including Extension):
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[27]: dst^M: This is not an identifier.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[28]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[31]: ^M: Execute permission denied.
DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh[32]: Syntax error at line 32 : `if' is not matched.

And, the file status is --

-rwxrwxrwx   1 ods        ods            800 Sep 24 06:28 DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh

What might be the problem? Any suggestion?


Satyaki De.
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Can you post the output of this command

head -1 <your_shell_script_name> | od -a

Perhaps that must be because of the ctrl-m characters in the shell script. Run a dos2unix on your shellscript and then run it.

Also put #! /bin/ksh as the first line of your shell script.
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Hi thanks for your reply. But, it is showing error message --

ods@awhq6640[/prod/ods/sqlj/ods_services]>tput clear
ods@awhq6640[/prod/ods/sqlj/ods_services]>head -1 DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh | od -a
od: illegal option -- a
Usage: od [-v] [-A base] [-j skip] [-N count] [-t type_string]... [file...]

I've already added this line in my shell -



Satyaki De.
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Looks like you may have extraneous "Control-M" characters in your file. Open it in vi to see. This occurs sometimes when porting a DOS/Windows file to Unix. You can delete them one by one or run the command: dos2unix. If your OS doesn't have this command look for one by typing: man -k dos.

Hope this helps,

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Which OS are you on ? Post the output of uname -a.

Do you have dos2unix on your machine ? If so, try running dos2unix on the shellscript.
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Thanks for your reply. OS information is as follows -

HP-UX awhq6640 B.11.11 U 9000/800 665379313 unlimited-user license


Satyaki De.
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Originally Posted by satyakide
HP-UX awhq6640 B.11.11 U 9000/800 665379313 unlimited-user license

So you must be having dos2ux on your system. Run
dos2ux DailyScheduleExport_q.ksh

and then try running the script.
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