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Old 03-12-2014
Alternative to Sleep?


I've been wondering about this one for some time: Is there an alternative to sleep in bash?

The reason: I'd like to simply limit the amount of processor usage in continuous while : script scenarios without spawning endless sleep processes as well. After beating the manpages, I still haven't a clue as to how one might do something like this...

Any ideas? Is it even possible???

Running 'Buntu 12.04, BTW Smilie

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Old 03-12-2014
Why is
a problem. You could try using the
subsystem or
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Old 03-12-2014
Switch to ksh:
$ ksh
$ whence -v sleep
sleep is a shell builtin

Or maybe this...
#! /bin/bash
mkfifo myfifo 2>/dev/null
cat myfifo | while : ; do
        read -t 2 junk
        echo loop $n

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Old 03-12-2014
As used in the project:-
	read -n1 -s -t$1

Called as delay <time_in_seconds> and has the advantage of keyboard override...
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Old 03-12-2014
Originally Posted by wisecracker
has the advantage of keyboard override...
However, it requires a tty. Not gonna fly in a cron job or even a background process.
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Old 03-12-2014
Thanks for the feedback, folks.

However, "read" will not work from an actual script context in Xubuntu 12.04. The "while" simply blows past it; and this comes out every time:

"illegal option -t"


Of course, it'll run just fine directly from the terminal or in any context on Parted Magic...

Anything else to play with out there which has a timeout that might be usable???

Thanks Again!
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Old 03-12-2014
I guess you have an older bash then. Your only options are to switch to a language with more power or just live with the sleep processes. The sleep processes would not bother me and I don't know why you worry about them.

So ksh, newer bash, or something like perl would all do what you want.

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