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Old 07-07-2001
Power sleep

what is the purpose of the sleep command?
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Old 07-08-2001
Hi ,

It basically means Pause during Processing.

Is that what u wanted.

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Old 07-08-2001
why would you want to pause while processing?
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Old 07-08-2001

The sleep command is used as a pause. For example if you want some commands say disk space monitoring command, to execute after every 10 seconds then you can use the sleep command to pause for 10 seconds before the next time your commands are executed.

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Old 07-09-2001

hi unix-folks!

there are 2 kinds of "sleeps":

1) the command "sleep"
with the command "sleep" you can "pause" a script for a
number of seconds.

syntax: sleep <interval in seconds>

2) "sleep" means "pause" or "stop". you can send a
process to sleep with:
a) kill -24 <processnumber>
b) <Strg> + <z> on commandline, when a script/programm
is running from commandline.

to restart this stoped process you can type
for a) kill -36 <processnumber>
for b) fg

hint: you can see all kill-sigs on your system by typing "kill -l".
the two you need are "STOP" (kill -24) and "CONT (kill -26).

i hope this helps!

best regards,
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Old 07-11-2001
I think that the purpose of sleep command is the pause between commands.
e.g: for display of the date to each 10 seconds.

sleep 10

in this in case that, as to know (in time of execucao) when to execute kill ?

I wait to have helped!


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