To replace a column of particular line

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Old 01-28-2014
To replace a column of particular line


I am having a file where in i need to replace a particular coulmn of certain specific line only

for eg:


i need to replace 2nd line

awk 'BEGIN{OFS=FS="|"}{print $3}'= 'REPLACE' {print}'
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Old 01-28-2014
awk -F\| 'NR==2{$3="REPLACE"}1' OFS=\| file

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Old 01-28-2014
The above code is taking long time without exiting
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Old 01-28-2014
May be you have missed something (the filename?) and your command is waiting for some input.

awk -F\| 'NR==2{$3="REPLACE"}1' OFS=\| file

Slight modification in your solution
awk 'BEGIN{OFS=FS="|"}NR==2{$3="REPLACE"} {print }'  filename

Do remember to provide the file.
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