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Old 01-24-2014
Traverse Latest directory First

I wish to traverse the latest to the oldest directory based on its timestamp.

ls -ltr
drwxr-x---   3 admin   bel      1024 Jan 22 02:29 sys
drwxr-x---   2 admin   bel      2048 Jan 22 02:30 admin
drwxr-x---  10 admin   bel     24576 Jan 23 21:31 bin

For the above i need to cd first to bin, then to admin and finally to sys in a for loop.

Can you please let me know how can i?
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Old 01-24-2014
Don't reverse the sort. Don't use the long format. If any pathname contains whitespace or a shell metacharacter, use a while-read loop instead of a for.

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Old 01-24-2014
remove r

ls -lt

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