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Old 11-11-2009
Traverse through directory....


I have a directory structure like
Parent/child3/ and the each main directory contains

Parent/child1/file1.txt, Parent/child1/ .......
Parent/child2/file1.txt,Parent/child/ ......

Now i want to traverse to each and want to do cp that tfile to other location...
So on
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Old 11-11-2009
Not test, just give the clue for you.

find Parent -type f > filelist.log
for i in `cat filelist.log`
  DIR=`dirname $i`
  FILENAME=`basename $i`
  mkdir -p $DIR/subdir2
  cp $i $DIR/subdir2/$FILENAME

not sure, if I can put find command in for loop directly, will find command to list new create files in loop again?

for i in `find Parent -type f `

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