[Solved] Need to auto increment

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Old 01-15-2014
[Solved] Need to auto increment

Hello, this is a VI question more than anything...

I'm using: SunOS 5.10 Generic_150400-04 sun4v sparc SUNW,T5240

I'm trying to find a problematic line(s) in a script.
The only solution I can think of is to tag each repetative line, and increment it.

This is an oracle insert script.

this line, "prompt inserting X" will echo "inserting X" to the STDOUT while the script executes.

So I have 20 different files that have inserts like the following:

insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3);

Each of those files has anywhere from 1500 to 110K+ repetitions of that line.
How can I run an automated script that edits the file and changes

"insert into xxxx"


"prompt inserting 1 -- for each iteration of this line, it needs to increment the number.
insert into xxxx"

That way when the file executes, I will see the incremented line number before the error it reports.


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Old 01-15-2014
What have you tried so far?
Not sure what you want in fact...
if insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3);if this is a valid sample, and you want to replace the red portion by "prompt inserting 1" then I dont understand what follows: - for each iteration of this line, it needs to increment the number.
insert into xxxx"
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Old 01-15-2014
Not sure if I understood your requirement clearly. So can you post a representative sample input and expected output in code tags?
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Old 01-15-2014
Thanks for the response. Thought I gave a better explanation.
The bla bla bla is irrelevant, as it will change with every instance.

What I'm wanting to do, which I know how to do inside of VI for the most part, is to add an incrementing value to a replacement...

so inside vi this would give me the following...
(existing syntax)
insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3); (this is oracle code inside a unix file.)

Making the change...
:%s/insert/prompt inserting\n/g

would result in: (actually it doesn't...it's not recognizing the \n as a new line)
prompt inserting
insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3);

What I need to do, which I don't know how to, is to ad an incrementing number to the end of that "prompt inserting" line, so it would increment each time it's replaced.


prompt inserting 1
insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3);

prompt inserting 2
insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3);

prompt inserting 3
insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3);
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Old 01-15-2014
Using awk:
awk '/insert/{print "prompt inserting " ++c; print $0}' file

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Old 01-15-2014
more clear now... In fact you want to add a line before with a counter...
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Old 01-15-2014
close Yoda...but not exactly.
That gave:
insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3);
insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3);
insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3);
insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3);
insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3);
insert into x (bla, bla, bla) values (1,2,3);
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