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Old 01-15-2014
Originally Posted by graphi
That did it. I wonder why it worked one way, one minute and then not the next....

Thanks again!
Original solution appeared to work as the test data posted here all involved single line insert into statements so it's more a matter of incomplete test data rather than the program working and then suddenly not working.
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NICE(1) 						    BSD General Commands Manual 						   NICE(1)

nice -- execute a utility at an altered scheduling priority SYNOPSIS
nice [-n increment] utility [argument ...] DESCRIPTION
The nice utility runs utility at an altered scheduling priority, by incrementing its ``nice'' value by the specified increment, or a default value of 10. The lower the nice value of a process, the higher its scheduling priority. The superuser may specify a negative increment in order to run a utility with a higher scheduling priority. Some shells may provide a builtin nice command which is similar or identical to this utility. Consult the builtin(1) manual page. ENVIRONMENT
The PATH environment variable is used to locate the requested utility if the name contains no '/' characters. EXAMPLES
Execute utility 'date' at priority 5 assuming the priority of the shell is 0: nice -n 5 date Execute utility 'date' at priority -19 assuming the priority of the shell is 0 and you are the super-user: nice -n 16 nice -n -35 date DIAGNOSTICS
If utility is invoked, the exit status of nice is the exit status of utility. An exit status of 126 indicates utility was found, but could not be executed. An exit status of 127 indicates utility could not be found. SEE ALSO
builtin(1), csh(1), idprio(1), rtprio(1), getpriority(2), setpriority(2), renice(8) COMPATIBILITY
The traditional -increment option has been deprecated but is still supported. STANDARDS
The nice utility conforms to IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 (``POSIX.1''). HISTORY
A nice utility appeared in Version 4 AT&T UNIX. BSD
June 6, 1993 BSD