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Old 12-20-2013
awk Flat File Conversion Script

In awk how would I flatten input.txt to output.txt?

givenname: Darth
sn: Vadar
uid: dv12345
orclguid: 1234567890
givenname: Carlito
sn: Brigante
uid: cb12345
orclguid: 2134567890


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Old 12-20-2013
What have you tried and what problems are you getting?
What language are you best in?
What OS and version are you on?
What rules for the conversion are there?

... but most importantly, what have you tried and what problems are you getting?

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Old 12-20-2013
Modify this according to your need, please use search option before posting

Change the vertical logs to horizontal line by Akshay Hegde - Shell Programming and Scripting - Unix Linux Forums

Not Tested
$ awk -F":" '{printf NF ? $2 OFS : RS}END{printf RS}' file

$ awk -F":" '{printf (NR > 1 && /^givenname:/) ? RS $2 OFS : $2 OFS }END{printf RS} ' file

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Old 12-23-2013
Ideal - worked a treat.
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