awk to place value at 24 field in a flat file issue

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Old 11-12-2013
awk to place value at 24 field in a flat file issue

I am trying to add 0393 value at 24th feild using the below command, but its adding at all the lines including header and trailer

Input file:
492|489|SP40|1014570286334|20131111|20131201|14355334|CHAMELON (SOUTHEND) 5-7||||LUCY ROAD|||SOUTHEND-ON-SEA|ESSEX|SS1 2AU|86|_A|E|C|845|0||SSIL|H|SSIL|H|EELC|H|
492|490|SP40|1030027567348|20131111|20131201|14355335|||BILL CLEYNDERT AND CO LTD||FLAG STREET|||FAKENHAM|NORFOLK|NR21 7RN|86|_A|E|C|845|0||SSIL|H|SSIL|H|LOND|H|
492|51540|SP40|1012684803375|20131111|20131209|14357150|||38||LONGMEAD|||NORWICH|NORFOLK|NR1 2EL|3|_A|E|A|835|1|0393|LBSL|N|LBSL|N|LBSL|N|
Command used:
awk 'BEGIN{OFS=FS="|"} {$24="0393";print } ' file
I am aware we can use search operation and place the data as well something like the below
awk -F"|" '/^492/
Could any one help me to add value as 0393 at 24th feild, only for the lines that start with 492

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Old 11-12-2013
awk 'BEGIN{OFS=FS="|"} /^492/{$24="0393"}1' file

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