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Old 11-22-2013
I see that you chose to ignore most of the suggestions I made last time and added exits outside your nested if statements statement (instead of as part of the else clauses that identify invalid input). Those exits will terminate your script whenever you select 1 or 2 in your main menu.

Please explain why you think it is necessary to test the value of $CHOSEN_KEY twice in cases 1 and 2:
case "$CHOSEN_KEY" in
(1) if [ "$CHOSEN_KEY" -eq 1 ]
    then process case 1
(2) if [ "$CHOSEN_KEY" -eq 2 ]
    then process case 2

is an inefficient and confusing way to specify the same actions as:
case "$CHOSEN_KEY" in
(1) process case 1;;
(2) process case 2;;

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Old 11-22-2013
Remove the break

Hi Nawrajesh,

Try to remove the below lines from your code

exit ;

and replace it with

echo "End of Seclection" ;;

It worked fine for me while testing.
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