Catching the exception in multiple logs

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Old 09-03-2013
Wrench Catching the exception in multiple logs

Hi folks,

I have logs folder in which different type of logs are generated , I am monitoring them by the below command

tail -f *.log

but I want that if exception come in any of the logs then it should be catch so what i should prefix with
tail -f *.log

so that it imeediatley catches and high light he exception if it comes , Please advise Smilie

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Old 09-03-2013
You can use
grep -il <string you want to search for> *

grep -ic <string you want to search for> *

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Old 09-03-2013
this would print everything and highlight the line containing the word "EXCEPTION"

tail -f *.log | awk '{ x=$0; if(/EXCEPTION/){ x= "\033[1;31m" $0 "\033[0m" } print x}'

replace EXCEPTION with the exception text you want to match against
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Old 09-04-2013
this is giving an Exception...!!
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