Shell Script for viewing multiple logs from multiple server

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Old 10-23-2013
Shell Script for viewing multiple logs from multiple server

I am new to Shell scripting and below is my requirement.

I need to search some specific word e.g. "exception" or "transaction" from log file.
We have multiple env e.g. Level1 , Level2 etc and each env have Multiple boxes e.g. For Level 1 env we have "" , "".
Each box has multiple logs with box specific name e.g "stdout_test11.log" , "transaction_test11.log".

We need to SSH to each box.
So what is the best way and can we configure the things like Level , Box , Log name ?
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Old 10-23-2013
You will need to get password-less ssh working for each account to each machine.

You Could you use group membership or a datafile to determine the level of each user.
Box and log names are probably best in a data file perhaps like this:


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