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Old 08-21-2013
Kill all process of Oracle user

Hi folks,

I want to kill all process of oracle user and won't kill shell, should i try this? Please confirm.


1st way 

pgrep -u oracle | sudo xargs kill -9

2nd way

killall -u oracle

3rd way

su - oracle -c /sbin/killall5

Please suggest.
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Old 08-21-2013
What about pkill -U?
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Old 08-21-2013
Do you want to terminate the oracle instance or an oracle user session? If it's the latter, then I would avoid killing an OS process if you can. Smilie

As a DBA capable account, have a look at the 'table' v$session. It lists various columns. If you can identify the one to clear out, you need to execute:-
alter system kill session ('sid,serial#') ;

Insert the appropriate values for sid and serial# from the v$session table. if that doesn't do the trick, then you may need to look at the start time to confirm the OS process id and terminate that will a kill -9

If you really want to terminate an oracle instance then (depending on version) you would be better to connect with either
  • svrmgrl then connect internal or
  • sqlplus then / as sysdba when prompted for the user-name.
In each case, you can issue the shutdown command. This allows for options such as immediate (signal all processes to stop & roll-back) and abort (crash instance, roll-back will be at next startup)

I hope that this helps,
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