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Old 09-22-2011
Creating a filelist

I need a script that will read a filename and verify that its today's file and rename it to a standard name so that my ETL job can read it on a daily basis. If there is no file for a day, I am thinking I will just read the one before to prevent my job from failing. Another option might be a filelist and I have the option of doing an indirect read as well (If there is a better way to do this please suggest).

The filename does have the date appended to it.

So, for example the name of the file for today will be something like:


I need to take this and convert it as xyz.txt

Thank you in advance!
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Old 09-22-2011
Try this...

ls * | awk -v date=`date +%G%m%e` '{if($0~date){file=$0;gsub("_"date,"");system("mv "file" "$0)}}'


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or you can echo the file name and pipe it to awk

echo $file_name | awk ...

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