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Old 09-16-2011
arrays and two values

I have requirement where I need to capture the highest values of
items from a feed that runs for N hours.

For example lets assume my data looks like this

first feed
appples 10
oranges 20
pears 14

second feed
apples 5
oranges 30
pears 1

Last feed
apples 6
oranges 1
pears 4

At the end of my script this would be my output

apples 10
oranges 30
pears 14

I know I can write this all out to a file and than sort the file and look
for the highest values that way but I was wondering if this can be done
with an 2 dimensioal array if ksh supports it or with a more elegant
solution as writing all this data to a file may file up my file system.

my code would need to look something like this

while [ now -lt done_time]
   get_fruit | read data 
   eval $data
   keep the highest value for each fruit       
print out each fruit and the highest values

My solution does not need to be an array but I am really trying to
avoid writing data to files if possible until the very end...

Thanks for any suggestions
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Old 09-16-2011
ksh has better than 2d arrays, it has associative arrays. You can do ARR["apples"]=30

We detail on how this "fruit-daemon" provides its information to show you how to use that information, naturally.
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Old 09-16-2011
Thanks thats exactly what I was looking for. I will search how to set the values dynamucally
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Old 09-16-2011
$ nawk '{print $0 > $1".txt"}' feed*

The above command will create three .txt files ( apples.txt, orange.txt, pears.txt )

$ for i in *.txt; do sort -n -r -k2 $i | head -1; done
apples 10
oranges 30
pears 14

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Old 09-16-2011
Originally Posted by BeefStu
Thanks thats exactly what I was looking for. I will search how to set the values dynamucally
How to set the values is easy. ARR[$VAR]=$VALUE

How you get the data depends entirely on what you're doing.
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Old 09-16-2011
It appears that assoc arrarys are not supported on AIX 6.1.. Thanks for
your help. It's a good feature
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Old 09-16-2011
For the fourth time, where to go from here depends on how your data's retrieved.

How's it retrieved?
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