Need a help to move control to another line in my script

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Old 09-15-2011
Thank you for your help ...
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Old 09-15-2011
PS3="Enter your menu choice [1-11]: "
select choice in "AIX - AIX1"  "AIX - AIX2" "AIX - AIX3" "HP-UX - HP-UX1" 
# consider a debug:
   echo $REPLY 
   echo $choice
   if [ $REPLY -lt 5 ]
      # your code including case statement goes here

This only repeats the whole menu if you enter a blank line. Place the break in one of your options if you want it to repeat. The above solutions can be made more sophisticated than this but it is built into bash, ksh and zsh. And EOF (^-D) entered into the prompt finishes the loop too. What does it do with the above solutions? (don't tell me, I can try them for myself if I'm interested).

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