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Old 10-20-2009
move to a particular line


I need to create a report in unix by moving to specified lines and specified positions and print some strings etc..

for eg: i need to print a string on 15th line and 7th position of a file.

Please suggest.

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Old 10-20-2009
if your "positions" are by space delimited fields, with bash
while read -r a b c d e f g h
 if [ "$i" -eq 15 ];then 
    echo "$g"
done < file

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Old 10-20-2009
cat urfile| sed -n 15p |awk '{print $7}'

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Old 10-20-2009
Originally Posted by rdcwayx
cat urfile| sed -n 15p |awk '{print $7}'

awk 'NR==15{print $7}' file

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