Tricky task with DNA sequences.

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Old 09-01-2011
I think they are included in the output:

zsh-4.3.12[t]% cat infile 
zsh-4.3.12[t]% perl -nle'BEGIN {
quote>   @map{ A, C, G, T } = ( T, G, C, A )
quote>   }
quote>   print /^>/ ?
quote>     $_ :
quote>       join //, map $map{ $_ }, split //, scalar reverse
quote>   ' infile

Am I missing something?
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Old 09-01-2011
This is the output I am getting
[Virus@localhost Testing]$ perl -nle'BEGIN {
> @map{ A, C, G, T } = ( T, G, C, A )
> }
> print /^>/ ?
> $_ :
> join //, map $map{ $_ }, split //, scalar reverse
> ' infile


[Virus@localhost Testing]$
Now I am not sure, I am missing something?

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Input file was not the correct one!
It is working like a charm!
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