Help with setting variables extracted from a string

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Old 08-17-2011
Help with setting variables extracted from a string

Hi guys,
I'm using tcsh.
I have a string that contains variable names: "var1:var2:var 3", I want to be able to do different operations on the content of those variables:
I extract the variable names with: foreach var ( `echo $string | sed 's/:/\n/g'`)
now in the variable `var` I have the variable's name of which I need the content of.
How can I access it, something like: `echo $(echo `$var`)` ends in illegal variable name.

hope you can help me.
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Old 08-17-2011
Probably "eval" could help you out, just show you an example as below:

eval echo \${$var}

or you could also using "!" like
echo ${!var}

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