Averaging data every 30 mins using AWK

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Old 07-25-2011
After you export that file to CSV format delimited by ";", try this:
awk 'NR>1' june2tmp.csv | awk -F\; '{a[int((NR-1)/720)]+=$13;b[int((NR-1)/720)]+=$15};END{print "CO2 CH4";for (i=0;i<NR/720;i++){print a[i]/720,b[i]/720}}'

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Old 07-25-2011
I exported it to a csv and changed the delimiter, but still didn't change the file at all. Did it work for you?
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Old 07-25-2011
It is not meant to change the file. It should print calculated averages on the screen.
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Old 07-25-2011
Oh my bad. It doesn't do that either, just prints 'CO2 CH4'. Is there anyway to change the file? As that is the hope in averaging to 30 minutes, that the .csv file gets edited.
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Old 07-25-2011
Well, first we need to get the proper output. When we have that, we can redirect it to some other file and move it over the original. I'll get back to you soon, cause for now I have to leave Smilie
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Old 07-25-2011
ok no worries, thanks for the help!
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Old 07-25-2011
This is what I get:
[root@rhel ~]# head -5 june2temp.csv
11-06-25 08:03;0;1,00E+00;0,00E+00;0,00E+00;3,10E+04;1,40E+02;4,50E+01;4,50E+01;4,50E+01;3,18E+01;3,89E+02;3,95E+02;3,86E+00;3,91E+00;9,40E-01
11-06-25 08:03;0;2,00E+00;0,00E+00;0,00E+00;3,10E+04;1,40E+02;4,50E+01;4,50E+01;4,50E+01;3,18E+01;3,89E+02;3,95E+02;3,85E+00;3,90E+00;9,42E-01
11-06-25 08:03;0;3,00E+00;0,00E+00;0,00E+00;3,10E+04;1,40E+02;4,50E+01;4,50E+01;4,50E+01;3,18E+01;3,89E+02;3,95E+02;3,86E+00;3,91E+00;9,34E-01
11-06-25 08:03;0;2,00E+00;0,00E+00;0,00E+00;3,10E+04;1,40E+02;4,50E+01;4,50E+01;4,50E+01;3,18E+01;3,89E+02;3,95E+02;3,88E+00;3,95E+00;9,34E-01
[root@rhel ~]# awk 'NR>1' june2temp.csv | awk -F\; '{a[int((NR-1)/720)]+=$13;b[int((NR-1)/720)]+=$15};END{print "CO2 CH4";for (i=0;i<NR/720;i++){print a[i]/720,b[i]/720}}'
3 3
3 3
3.00278 3
2.45833 2.45833

Hmmm, it seems that numbers in this format are not properly processed by AWK. This code gives better results (it replaces commas with dots in fields 13 and 15):
[root@rhel ~]# awk 'NR>1' june2temp.csv | awk -F\; '{sub(",",".",$13);sub(",",".",$15);a[int((NR-1)/720)]+=$13;b[int((NR-1)/720)]+=$15};END{print "CO2 CH4";for (i=0;i<NR/720;i++){print a[i]/720,b[i]/720}}'
395 3.89621
395.335 3.87851
398.969 3.77253
322.117 3.14147

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