Assign value to array separated by #

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Old 07-15-2011
Assign value to array separated by #

Hi all ,
I have a string like para1#para2#para3
i want to assign para1 as first element para2 as second and so on
i tried
set  -A array  para1#para2#para3
echo ${array[0]}
para1 para2 para3

i want echo ${array[0]}
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Old 07-15-2011
echo 'para1#para2#para3' | awk 'NF+=0' FS=# OFS='\n'
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Old 07-15-2011
This works in my ksh
set  -A array  $str
echo ${array[0]}
echo ${array[1]}
echo ${arr[0]}
echo ${arr[1]}

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