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Old 07-13-2011
AWK File Split

Hi All,


Output Files:


I had a script
awk '!/^$/{
print $0 > a".txt"
}' Input.txt

above script will use the substr and split the data accordingly..
I need to fetch only ONE,TWO,SIX records and i need to get only three files(ONE.txt, TWO.txt, SIX.txt) always i need to fetch these files only on every run i need to ignore other records..


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Old 07-13-2011
awk '!/^$/{
  if (a == "ONE" || a == "TWO" || a == "SIX")
    print $0 > a".txt"
}' Input.txt

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Well, also with your sample input the substr should be substr($0,4,3). awk starts at 1. character 4 is where "ONE"/"TWO"/"SIX" begin...
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Old 07-13-2011
Thanks working fine....
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