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Old 06-18-2011
I believe you'll need sed or awk to help. Given your input, this sed
sed -n -r '/\\$/ { s/\\$//; H; b; }; x; G; s/\n//g; s/,[ \t]*/,/g; p; s/.//g; h'<input-file

will concatenate all lines that have a terminating backslant (\) and close spaces that follow commas. Output would be all lines and the alias lines would be like this:

User_Alias      ADMIN1 = horacel,matthes,caseyl,alexl2,jackl,johnnyzh,maheshm,jihuih,davidw,christh,williaml,jasminez

Lines that don't have a final backslant will have any blanks following commas deleted, but I think that is an ok side effect here.

If you are looking for one set of users, then you can add a grep, and maybe a sed to delete the leading constant part, and put each user name on a new line.

sed -n -r '/\\$/ { s/\\$//; H; b; }; x; G; s/\n//g; s/,[ \t]*/,/g; p; s/.//g; h' <input-file | grep ADMIN1|sed 's/^.*= *//; s/,/\n/g'

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Old 06-20-2011
Not yet get the desired output. The input files is having userid in diffrerent line as below:

User_Alias      ADMIN1 = horacel,matthes,caseyl,alexl2,\

so while greping ADMIN1 we are getting the first lines only as part of ADMIN1 group as below


but we need all the user id as below

horacel,matthes,caseyl,alexl2, jackl,johnnyzh,maheshm,jihuih,davidw,christh,williaml,jasminez

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Old 06-20-2011
% ADMIN=ADMIN1; perl -lne '$s .= $_;  
  if (!/\\$/) {
        $s =~ s/ |\\//g;
        $s =~ /'$ADMIN'/ && $s =~ s/^.*'$ADMIN'=// && print $s;
        $s=""}' testfile

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Old 06-20-2011
See, was that so hard? Give us enough information, and we'll be able to help you. Ask ambiguous questions, and you'll get answers that aren't helpful at all.

Save this as a file, and invoke it as perl -group=<Group you're looking for> <sudoers file>
#!/usr/bin/perl -Ws

use strict;
use warnings;

local $/;
our $group;

my $file = <>;

if ( $file =~ /User_Alias\s+$group\s+=\s+(.+?)[^\\]$/ms ) {
    my $users = $1;
    $users =~ s/[\n \\]//g;
    print $users, "\n";

Could be shortened to a single line, but that would be fugly and untypeable.
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