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Old 06-15-2011
Originally Posted by learnbash
dear sir i dont want to print the line of final.txt, i want that whatever line which we get from sed need to insert under final.txt at line number 9 nothing else.

Fine, did you try the command i have posted , this will work and you need to redirect the output into the new file.
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pdbtxt2html - Doc Text to HTML converter for Palm Pilots SYNOPSIS
pdbtxt2html [ -t ] file.txt [ file.html ] pdbtxt2html -v DESCRIPTION
pdbtxt2html converts text converted from a Doc(4) file via txt2pdbdoc(1) to HTML. If no HTML filename is given, the generated HTML is sent to standard output. Document Title The first line of the file is used for the HTML document title. Bookmarks The last line of the file is examined and, if it contains a string enclosed between < and >, that is taken to be the bookmark marker. The entire file is then scanned looking for lines beginning with it (ignoring leading whitespace). These lines are converted to HTML headings. The number of whitespace characters after the first bookmark marker is used for heading level 1. The level of subsequent headings is set to the number of whitespace characters between the bookmark marker and the bookmark text minus the number for the first bookmark plus one. Embedded URLs Valid URLs (according to RFC 1630) embedded in the text are turned into hyperlinks. The ftp, gopher, http, https, mailto, news, telnet, and wais URLs are recognized. OPTIONS
-t Compile a table of contents and insert it between the first heading and the body. -v Print the version number to standard output and exit. EXAMPLE
To convert a Doc file to HTML: txt2pdbdoc alice.pdb alice.txt pdbtxt2html alice.txt alice.html SEE ALSO
html2pdbtxt(1), txt2pdbdoc(1), doc(4), pdb(4) Tim Berners Lee. Universal Resource Identifiers in WWW, Network Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force, June 1994. AUTHOR
Paul J. Lucas <> txt2pdbdoc January 21, 2005 pdbtxt2html(1)