Help search and replace hex values only in specific files

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Old 06-28-2011
Glad it worked Smilie
No apologies needed -- we all learn along the way...
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AUSEARCH_ADD_expression(3)					  Linux Audit API					AUSEARCH_ADD_expression(3)

ausearch_add_expression - build up search expression SYNOPSIS
#include <auparse.h> int ausearch_add_expression(auparse_state_t *au, const char *expression, char **error, ausearch_rule_t how); DESCRIPTION
ausearch_add_item adds an expression to the current audit search expression. The search conditions can then be used to scan logs, files, or buffers for something of interest. The expression parameter contains an expression, as specified in ausearch-expression(5). The how parameter determines how this search expression will affect the existing search expression, if one is already defined. The possi- ble values are: AUSEARCH_RULE_CLEAR Clear the current search expression, if any, and use only this search expression. AUSEARCH_RULE_OR If a search expression E is already configured, replace it by (E || this_search_expression). AUSEARCH_RULE_AND If a search expression E is already configured, replace it by (E && this_search_expression). RETURN VALUE
If successful, ausearch_add_expression returns 0. Otherwise, it returns -1, sets errno and it may set *error to an error message; the caller must free the error message using free(3). If an error message is not available or can not be allocated, *error is set to NULL. SEE ALSO
ausearch_add_item(3), ausearch_add_interpreted_item(3), ausearch_add_timestamp_item(3), ausearch_add_regex(3), ausearch_set_stop(3), ause- arch_clear(3), ausearch_next_event(3), ausearch-expression(5). AUTHOR
Miloslav Trmac Red Hat Feb 2008 AUSEARCH_ADD_expression(3)