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Old 06-12-2011
Yes it is correct : my code currently ignore textb.
I am not sure to understand your needs so i just gave an attempt based on the given example.
Feel free to adapt it.

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BEGIN{i=1}initialize the index that will later be used to scan file1
NR==FNR{p[NR]=$1;a[NR]=$0;next}from the first file, build 2 "line number indexed" array one holding $1 and one holding the entire line
/^texta/{x=$2}while scanning the second file, if texta is found, keep $2 value in variable x
x&&/^textins/{sub(".*"$3,$3);y=$0}!y{next}if x is set find the next textins line and erase everything before $3 and save the line in y variable
{do {still while scanning the second file, we start scanning the arrays holding file1 that have previously been build
if(p[i]!=x){while $1 from file 1 is different from the currently retainded scanned value of file2
print a[i]just print the line of file1
}else{ otherwise , substitution (as per what i have understood of your requirments)
split(a[i],b)the initial line is split in an array b so field can be extracted easier
print p[i]" \t "y"\t"b[4]" \t "b[5]print the desired field inserting those extracted from file2
x=y=z;delete b;i++;nextreset x and y to empty, delete array b increment i to start next scan of file1 at the next line than the one that have been processed, and reprocess from beginning to populate x and y again with next value from file 2
} delete a[i];i++delete the printed line from the array an prepare to scan next line
}while(length(a[i])) Loop for scanning file1 while line not empty
}END{do{print a[i];i++}while(length(a[i]))} since the scan of file 1 only start when x and y have been populated from file2, when the last substitiution has been made (when scanning file2 is finished) it requires an extra loop to finish the display the rest of file1

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Old 06-13-2011
Hi ctsgnb,

thanks a lot for your effort!
But at which point can I insert the condition that the next line has to start with textb? Sorry for that question, but your code seems so complex to me that I don't know how to adapt it.
Does it work with something like:
{do {
                print a[i]
                print p[i]" \t "y"\t"b[4]" \t "b[5]
                x=y=z;delete b;i++;next
        delete a[i];i++
}END{do{print a[i];i++;flag=0}while(length(a[i]))}

Thanks a lot for you patience!


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Old 06-13-2011
i have to do the below tasl using script.

please help

Disable the "EXPN" and "VRFY" commands in your current version of the "sendmail" command. A
malicious user able to connect to a machine running sendmail may be able to acquire information
about user accounts on that system
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Old 06-13-2011
Hi ctsgnb,

I just tried your code on the entire input file: it doesn't work. For some reason it only works if I use the short example lines that you used. As soon as I add some more lines in the input and the insert files the the output file equals the input file. Nothing is replaced or added. How is that possible?


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Old 06-13-2011
Could you please :

1) post a short example (initial input, replacement file, and expected output) that demonstrate when and how should textb considered.

2) upload your big files, input and replacement files.

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Old 06-15-2011
give a try to this :

# cat ext.awk
if (!v&&!r) { if ($4==1) {r++;R[0]=$5} }
else {if ($4==2||$4==3) {K[(v":"r)]=$4;R[(v":"r)]=$5;r++}}
$1~/Document/{ Et[++e]=$7-R[0];next}
y=(y?y OFS:z) (K[x]?K[x]:0) OFS (R[x]?R[x]-St[k]:0)
} while ((k":"(++t)) in K)
print S[k],V[k],St[k]-R[0],Et[k],y;y=z} while (k++<v)

and then run

awk -f ext.awk OFS="\t\t" OrigFile.log

or chose any OFS (Output Field Separator) that fit with your expectations instead of the double tabulation proposed aboved.

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