calling an expect script from another script (sh)

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Old 06-11-2011
calling an expect script from another script (sh)

how to call the Expect script from linux shall script?
Our objective is
1. we have written a shall script - it will connect to oracle and generate the xml file
2. we have to transfer this xml file to SFTP machine using SFTP with Expect utility as SFTP will prompt the password.

Thanks in advance and apprecaite you quick help. Thanks

Dhanraj Chilla
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Old 06-11-2011
Just call it like any other script. Pass in the required information as command line arguments.

For example

if {[llength $argv] != 3} {
   puts "usage: $argv0 username password hostname"
   exit 1

set username [lindex $argv 0] 
set password [lindex $argv 1] 
set hostname [lindex $argv 2]

requires three command line arguments and set each in turn to 3 expect variables.
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Old 06-12-2011
Thank Q... but still it does not works for me...

Our objective is to connect the oracle database and generate the xml file and then that xml file should be tranfered to another machine using SFTP and the remote SFTP machine prompt the password.
- Here we are using the EXPECT utility

Our first script 1:
output=`sqlplus -s /nolog <<EOT
   set pages 0 feed off
   whenever sqlerror exit failure;
   connect xgbzprod/xgbzprod
cd  /u01/oratest/gebiz_processed
for fn in GEBIZ_COA_RPO000*.*; do

# EXPECT using continuing
set timeout 10
spawn $env(SHELL)
match_max 100000
send -- "sftp username@IP Address\r"
expect -exact "testing123@'s password:"
send -- "Password\r"
expect -exact "sftp>"
send -- "cd /<SFTP location>\r"
expect -exact "sftp>"
send -- "lcd /<Local locatoin>\r"
expect -exact "sftp>"
send -- "bin\r"
send -- "put $fn\r"
expect -exact "sftp>"
send -- "quit\r"
send -- "exit\r"
expect eof

But the script fails... even it kept the EXPECT in another location and calling the shall script. Still it does not work.
Please help me I am very much new for EXPECT utility using....
Please guide me step by step...
Appreciate your kind help and thanks in advance...

Dhanraj Chilla

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Old 06-13-2011
You cannot just bury expect code within a shell script as you have done in the example you provided. Neither can you take such a simplistic sequential approach to expect/send statements if you want robust code.

Perhaps the following script will help you understand how to combine the two. This is a simple script to automate ssh'ing to another system. (yes I know you can use keys with no passphases!)



if {[llength \$argv] != 3} {
   puts "usage: \$argv0 username password host"
   exit 1

#log_file -a expectscript.log
#log_user 0

set username  [lindex \$argv 0] 
set password  [lindex \$argv 1] 
set host      [lindex \$argv 2]

set timeout 60 

spawn /usr/bin/ssh \$username@\$host

expect {
    "assword: " {
        send "\$password\n"
        expect { 
            "expecting." { }
            "try again." { exit 1 }
            timeout      { exit 1 }
    "(yes/no)? " { 
        send "yes\n" 
        expect {
            "assword: " {
                send "\$password\n"
                expect { 
                    "expecting." { }
                    "try again." { exit 1 }
                    timeout      { exit 1 }

exit 0 

chmod 755 $TMPEXPECT
./$TMPEXPECT <username> <password> <hostname>

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